Sharla N. Alegria

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Courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory


Sharla Alegria is assistant professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. She studies race/class/gender based inequality where individuals and organizations have disavowed discrimination. Her dissertation, which has received funding from the National Science Foundation, University of Massachusetts Graduate School, and the Anita Borg Institute, examines the intersecting consequences of race, gender, and migration in the high-tech workforce.


Sharla’s previous research includes an examination of how racial difference and justifications for racial inequality can be reproduced in even “colorblind” conversations where race is not specifically discussed. Her work has appeared in Ethnic and Racial Studies, the International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology, and the Gender and Society Blog. 

Photo Credit: “AVIDAC – First Argonne Computer” by Argonne National Laboratories is licensed under CC BY 4.0